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Virtual Issue: Pathogenic Yeasts

Pathogens and Disease has published a joint virtual issue with FEMS Yeast Research on the subject of Pathogenic Yeasts. Read now.

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T-cell immune responses to Bordetella pertussis infection and vaccination
Pertussis is one of the hardest-to-control vaccine preventable disease. We here review current knowledge about the role of T-cell immunity in response to Bordetella pertussis infection and vaccination against pertussis.More 


Sheep primary cells as in vitro models to investigate Mycoplasma agalactiae host cell
The study is an important step forward in developing in vitro models that will facilitate analyses of Mycoplasma agalactiae and related ruminant mycoplasmas' host–pathogen interactions at the molecular level.More ►


HIV-associated lymphoma in the era of combination antiretroviral therapy: shifting the immunological landscape
This comprehensive and informative review of HIV-related lymphoma explores how HIV infection may promote the development of lymphoma despite effective antiretroviral therapy, highlighting B-cell interaction with persistent HIV proteins, infected T follicular helper cells and altered immunity.More ►


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Pathogens and Disease previously published under the title FEMS Immunology & Medical Microbiology. As such, volumes 7 (1993) through to 66 (2012) can be accessed via the FEMS Immunology and Medical Microbiology archive here. Content prior to 1993 was published under the original title,  FEMS Microbiology Immunology. Archive content from this original title is available here.

OUP Ebola Campaign

In response to the outbreak of the Ebola virus in West Africa, Oxford University Press has made more than 50 articles from leading journals, including Pathogens and Disease, and online resources freely accessible to assist researchers, medical professionals, policy makers, and others working on the containment, treatment, and prevention of Ebola hemorrhagic fever.
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Chlamydia: Thematic Issue

 Read the latest thematic issue New insights into Chlamydia: from genes to diseases in humans and animals online now.


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Virtual Issue

A Proteomics View at Pathogenicity
Proteomics, the large scale study of the complete complement of proteins of an organism (or a subcellular fraction thereof) have recently evolved to highly sensitive mass-spectrometry-based analyses...

To mark the 14th International Conference on Pseudomonas, FEMS has published a Virtual Thematic Issue across four FEMS journals.

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